What are Instagram Story Highlights?

Posted by InstaDP on Apr 17, 2019

Instagram stories are available for 24 hours and provide a quick peek into someone’s life. However, for the stories that deserve a permanent existence, Instagram offers the story highlights feature. Story highlights are categorized posts located on a user’s profile page, right below their bio. These stories can be extracted from your current story or past stories saved in an archive you probably didn’t know existed.

To access this archive and create a new story highlight, go to your profile page and click on “Story Highlights.” Next, click on “New” and select the previous posts you want to save in a highlight. Once these are selected, click “Next” and give your new highlight a name. You can also edit the cover image by selecting images from your camera roll or past stories. Once you’re done, click “Add” and your story highlight will appear underneath your bio for anyone to access at any time.

If you wish to delete or edit a story highlight, just press down on that story and the options will appear at the bottom.

Unfortunately, you cannot add any new videos or pictures straight from your phone; you can only add content that was posted on your story.

To add a current story to a highlight, simply click on your story and you will find the “highlight” option on the bottom right-hand corner.

Story highlights can provide followers with more content about yourself or your business. It’s great for promotional material or personal information you think followers would like to know. It’s also another way to organize your profile and showcase the things that are most important to you.